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PSR: Physicians for Social Responsibility
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Physicians for Social Responsibility

Dear Activist,

CNN is set to air the pro-nuclear "documentary" film, Pandora's Promise in November. The film claims to document environmentalist converts to nuclear power, but is riddled with gross factual errors, straw man arguments, and populated by blatant shills for the nuclear industry.  In short, this "documentary" would more accurately be called pro-nuclear propaganda. 

We are asking CNN to balance this propaganda by broadcasting a discussion after the film airs with independent scientists, medical professionals and nuclear power experts who can present an accurate and honest assessment of the nuclear industry. CNN is a news network with a responsibility to present factual content. To air what is essentially an advertisement for the nuclear industry without a balancing discussion that features actual independent experts would be profoundly dishonest and taint CNN’s reputation. Please sign our petition to ask CNN to feature a panel discussion after the film that will help check the falsehoods presented in the film.

Take Action!


Catherine Thomasson, MD
Executive Director

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