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May 18, 2010

In This Issue
  1. Safe Chemicals Act
  2. Coal Ash
  3. Oil Spill
  4. New START
  5. NPT Conference
  6. Student Summit

Environment & Health

Safe Chemicals Act

On April 15, 2010, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) introduced the "Safe Chemicals Act of 2010" to overhaul the nation’s failed chemical law. The Safe Chemicals Act is landmark legislation that will improve the way the government protects people from toxic chemicals. But the bill needs strengthening before enactment in order to truly protect public health.

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Coal Ash

After months of suspense, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally released its proposed new rule for regulating coal ash. But instead of proposing a clear policy, the EPA has laid out two distinct options. The first would treat coal ash as the hazardous waste it so clearly is. The second option, well… not so much.

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Oil Spill

The oil catastrophe in the Gulf drives it home: it's time for a precautionary approach to our chemical policies, our energy policies, and our climate policies. In addition to the immediate danger to wildlife and the economic ramifications of the spill, PSR is also concerned about the human health implications.

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Peace & Security


PSR is engaged in the campaign to ratify the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. President Obama has officially submitted the treaty to the Senate and we need your help to make sure that this important treaty is given fair consideration. Click here to participate in our National Coordinated Week of Action! (May 17th May 21st)

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NPT Conference

PSR and IPPNW are participating in the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference at the UN from May 3rd -28th. Our students were involved in a youth panel at the International Peace Conference. Thousands of people took part in the International Day of Action Rally and March. PSR and IPPNW docs spoke to delegates and NGOs on the medical consequences of nuclear weapons and proliferation. Please check out our blog posts for more information.

Student PSR

Student Summit

Over a dozen student leaders recently convened in Washington to strategize how future health professionals can be the medical voice in ensuring environmental justice, prevention of social disparities and build a peaceful and secure world. Joined by medical experts, the students plotted out an advocacy agenda for 2010-11 year.

To become involved in our medical student advocacy work, please contact us at

PSR Actions

Urge your senators to support ratification of the New START Treaty

Protect Americans from toxic chemical exposure

In the News

New Alarm Bells about Chemicals and Cancer

The health costs of war are lasting and monumental, UW conference finds

PSR needs your immediate help to make the most of increased public concerns about fossil fuels -- to drive home the need to switch to clean energy to protect public health. Please rush an urgently needed special contribution to PSR today.




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